(Individual Endorsements below)

North Carolina State Bar Association (NCBAR) conducts performance surveys of judicial candidates and provides that information to the public. Brian’s last overall performance evaluation by his peers is consistent with the standards and professionalism that should be required of every judge and judicial candidate.

Non-Incumbent Judicial Candidate Evaluation Survey – Survey Results. North Carolina Bar Association (2012, pg.8).


  • Danielle Caldwell  - I have known Brian Tomlin for about ten years. Before he became a judge, I worked with him in various capacities, often while on opposite sides of a case. What I most appreciated in those times of being opposed to one another in court is that Brian always treated my clients and me respectfully. Often that is not the case, especially in emotional cases. Outside of the courtroom, Brian often talks about his family, shares stories about them, brags about them, and he often has a good story that garners a laugh. Judge Tomlin is exactly the type of person Guilford County should want in a judge. He is fair, kind, intelligent and personable, and he deserves to maintain his seat as a district court judge.

  • ShaKeta Berrie  - Fairness, wisdom, and compassion. Qualities that immediately come to mind when I think of Judge Tomlin and exactly the type of person we need in District Court. That’s why I am supporting his campaign with my endorsement.

  • Charlene Armstrong  - Having practiced alongside Judge Tomlin for years, I can attest to his veracity, fairness and that he is highly ethical both as an opposing counsel and a judge. He is pleasant and easy to work with. He deserves our support.

  • Dr. Kim Soban. - Judge Tomlin is a man of integrity who dispenses justice with a fairness to ALL who come before him. He has compassion and advocates for those with mental illness and substance use issues and utilizes the resources to help those get the help they need. I endorse Judge Tomlin because he exemplifies the kind of judge we need serving our community.

  • Thomas Roupas, Jr. - Judge Tomlin is very ethical, intelligent and fair. I have dealt with him for close to 15 years as opposing counsel and since he’s been a Judge. He is very knowledgeable of the law and applies it in a very fair and compassionate manner.

  • Brenton Boyce - He has a great knowing base and the perfect temperament. His presence makes any courtroom more approachable.

  • Pam Devane I am pleased to go on record endorsing Brian Tomlin for District Court Judge. I have known him for over 20 years and have witnessed firsthand his professionalism and effectiveness when he worked as a court appointed attorney in Guilford County. He brought purpose and a sense of urgency that is not often seen in the position. Additionally, when he became Deputy County Attorney, I continued to see the same drive. I supported his consideration for District Court judge and was very enthused that he was chosen. Finally, trust is perhaps the greatest attribute a candidate can have. Brian Tomlin is someone who is “trustworthy.” When it comes down to it, we have to be able to trust that the candidate will do the job they are sworn to do. I once again, wholeheartedly endorse Brian Tomlin for Judge. He has already done a terrific job in the position and I would like to see him continue his excellent work.

  • Julie Williams I have known Mr. Tomlin for many years and had the pleasure to work for him. Brian has the mentality with the morals. He takes the time to weigh each and every case before him, puts his all into every person and tries to reach a fair and equitable outcome even in the most difficult situations.

  • JoAnne Doyle Brian showed great empathy to my family during a difficult time. That empathy will make him a good judge.

  • Diana Merckle -  Judge Tomlin addresses every case put before him with intelligence, integrity and compassion. He is always respectful to courtroom personnel and defendants alike. He takes the time to listen and carefully adjudicate each and every case put before him.

  • Miranda Reavis -  I've known Brian for years, long before he was Judge Tomlin, and he is a good man who has not let his position affect his ego. Quick with a joke and a kind word, he is fair to all parties and never loses sight of justice. Im proud to call him a friend, and more proud to call him Your Honor.

  • Georgia Nixon -   Over the years Judge Tomlin has served in numerous capacities in the judicial system. As such, he understands the demands on our time. He understands the law and applies it correctly even if it might not be the popular opinion.

  • Kevin Gorham -   I have worked with Brian in the court system for many years and have always found him to be honest, diligent, well prepared and kindhearted to parties and attorneys he has interacted with.

  • Steve Schlosser -   Brian is intelligent, has an excellent knowledge of the law, and a great judicial temperament. He is fair, punctual, and works all day. That is why I endorse him for District Court Judge.

  • Kim White -   Judge Tomlin and I worked together over 20 years ago in juvenile court when I was a court counselor and he was an attorney. He made a remarkable impression on me because he treated his juvenile clients with such respect. He presented as an attorney that genuinely cared for a population that is often disregarded. He will always have my support because he has always presented with integrity, wisdom, and compassion.

  • Lisa Stewart -   Judge Tomlin is fair and applies the law evenly. Everyone gets a fair hearing. He also maintains an even temper in court while also maintaining an orderly courtroom.

  • Matt Lovell -   Fair & Honest.

  • Hannah Greer -   He is fair and knowledgeable.

  • Bonnie Rossi -   I have had interactions with Brian for many years in the courtrooms of Guilford County. Brian knows the law and how to apply it. Brian has always been courteous, kind, and well-spoken. Please vote for him in 2020!

  • Geraldine Collier -   Judge Tomlin should retain his judicial seat because he is a dedicated leader with sound honest practical approach that sets him apart from others.

  • Richmond Fulmore -   Judge Tomlin is outstanding person with a high moral compass that has and will continue to serve with integrity.

  • Jason Yow -   Judge Tomlin was one of my professors at NC A&T State University. I learned a lot from his class, I look up to Mr. Tomlin!

  • Tony Huyn -   Judge Tomlin is one of the best judges to take the bench. He respects all of the attorneys that goes before him . He is knowledgeable of the law and fair to all. I highly endorse Judge Tomlin

  • Marcel Edwards -   Judge Tomlin is honest trustworthy and believes in justice for all. He embodies the spirit of all people. Judge Tomlin is fair, honest and loyal. His service to Guilford County’s most vulnerable population has been outstanding. He cares for the people.

  • Renee Hall -   He is an individual who is firm but fair and believes in justice for all.

  • Ralph Shaw -   I worked with Brian years ago and observed him since. He is a fair and honest man, who has made a great judge. Voters in Guilford County should cast their ballots in favor of Brian so he will remain on the bench.

  • John Banaghan -   I have known Judge Tomlin for over 10 years. He was recommended to me when I was new to Greensboro and, a testament to his character, we have stayed in touch since then. Professionally, I have seen him in the courtroom where he regularly impressed me as a skilled, but calm and fair, litigator. He is what I want to see on the bench, an experienced, knowledgeable and relatable judge.

  • Ronald Ingle -   I worked alongside Judge Tomlin before he was a judge and found him to be fair, professional, kind, and of an even temperament. He was always a pleasure to work with, even if our positions were adversarial. I endorse him without any reservations.

  • Anne Horner-Reaves -   I grew to admire Brian Tomlin (Attorney) during the years he practiced law and always found him to be committed, professional and possessing a true Spirit of Service. Judge Tomlin brings to the bench a keen understanding of the law and a dedication to justice to everyone who enters the court.

  • Richard W. Wells -   Judge Tomlin is smart, patient, firm and respectful. When I walk into a courtroom and hear him respectfully interact with the public and court personnel, I have renewed faith in our courts. His years of service in various courtrooms, and professional demeanor, make him one of the best Judges in the Piedmont.

  • Joseph O'Connor -   I went to University of Virginia and was a year behind Brian on the football team. He was a role model for many in my class. I was always impressed with Brian's sense of compassion and fairness. Brian Tomlin has always exhibited impeccable character and unquestionable morality. I wholeheartedly endorse BT's candidacy!

  • Jessica Weaver  -   He is a competent and honest person. I trust him to be fair and uphold the law.

  • Anna Doyle  -   I know that he is a just and fair person. I believe in what he does, and how much it means to him. I will always keep my vote with him!

  • Jeff Thigpen  -   Highly knowledgeable experienced leader.

  • Art Donaldson  I’m proud to endorse Brian Tomlin for Judge!

  • Annie Amerika    -   I have known Brian a long time and he is an honorable & brilliant man and as     humble as the day is long.  I'm proud to support Brian Tomlin for judge.

  • William Brice Smith  -   Endorse.

  • Gary Sue  -   He is experienced in all areas of the law. He will have a great judicial temperament. And he will be fair and impartial.

  • Frederick L. Schwartz   -   I have know Brian since he was young man. I don't think you can find anyone more honest. He is able to listen to people and hear them out, on any subject. He truly is just a good man. I'm not sure today that you can say anything better about a person!!

  • Ashley Bennington   -   Judge Tomlin is experienced and very knowledgeable about the law. He strives to be even handed and consider the facts in each case. He is a pleasure to appear before.

  • Mike Holt -   Brian is a fair and honorable man.

  • Burt Andia   -   Brian has the necessary experience to deal with all matters that arise in District Court. Brian has an overriding sense of fairness to litigants and an appreciation for the attorneys that appear before him.

  • Doug Berry -   Because he has demonstrated the temperament, intelligence, sense of fairness and commitment to the hard work of being a district court judge.

  • Wendy M. Enochs   -   I endorse Judge Brian Tomlin because he is an excellent District Court Judge. Judge Tomlin treats everyone in his courtroom with dignity and respect. Judge Tomlin knows the law and applies it fairly and impartially.

  • Robert O'Hale   -   He's patient. He's experienced. He treats everyone who appears in his court with respect. He knows the law but if some issue comes up that he doesn't know he will say so and work to find the right answer.

  • Robert McIver   -   I have confidence in Brian's experience and abilities to do the job.

  • Perry C. Henson, Jr.  -   Add my name to any list Brian wants to use for advertising support among members of the Bar.

  • Samuel Spagnola   -   Judge Tomlin is a very fair and reasonable judge.

  • Steve Teague  -   Brian is most capable and knowledgeable.




I am humbled by the support of the Guilford County attorneys who nominated me, among nine candidates, to be considered by the governor as a replacement of the Honorable Lora Cubbage as their District Court Judge.  In March 2019, after Judge Cubbage accepted a Superior Court Appointment, Governor Roy Cooper appointed me to the District Court seat.    

Some people may point out the difference between being APPOINTED VERSUS BEING ELECTED.  A Democratic judicial candidate should use caution when denigrating the appointment process.  Republicans tried and failed to change how judicial vacancies are filled in North Carolina.  The appointment process is thorough and requires attorneys, who know the work of other attorneys, to take a bar vote and choose five candidates to send to the governor.  I am honored to have been selected.   


I have practiced law in every courtroom in Guilford County over the past 23 years.  Attorneys know my work, my temperament, and my dedication to the practice of law.  I ask for your vote of confidence that my peers made a selection based on their first-hand experience with and knowledge of my work.  



I grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia.  I moved to the Greensboro area in 1985.  I attended the University of Virginia on a football scholarship after high school.  I received my master’s degree and law degree in North Carolina.  My mother and father never completed high school, but encouraged me and my siblings to further our education.  Growing up poor has its benefits and consequences.  Without poverty and familial support, I am not sure I would have made the same decisions.  I am thankful for those trials.  I remember those trials as I look out over a courtroom.  Every person should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of the reason they enter the courtroom.  Selecting a judge who follows the law with a conscience and concern for the lives of citizens is essential. 

My name is Brian Tomlin and I am running as an incumbent for District Court Judge in Guilford County.

I ask for your vote in 2020.  

Judge Tomlin

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